Billy Penn Studios is an environment that’s designed to breed success.

When you’re just starting out, you want a small space that can serve as your team’s home base – a place to collaborate with other professionals, work together, and grow. But as you succeed and expand, you need a new home – something that’s all yours.

That’s why we offer office space that’s as evolving and scalable as your business. When you’re ready to move beyond your first coworking space, we have plenty of options for your new, bigger business to call home.


Your office space is a reflection of your business. It’s the first, lasting impression your clients, partners, and customers may have of your company – so make it a good one! Billy Penn Studios offers office spaces that are as unique, compelling, and memorable as your business.


As your business grows, new hurdles always seem to crop up. At Billy Penn Studios, we want to make sure that your office space isn’t one of them. We understand the challenges businesses face, and are happy to discuss your changing needs as they arise.


Billy Penn Studios comes fully equipped with places to relax, eat and drink, and interact with other business owners. Whether you need a spot to interview potential employees, have lunch with teammates or clients, or you’re just looking for a little outside inspiration, these are the cauldrons where magic is made.